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Curated Especially 
for your CommuniTEA

Private Label

Specialty packaging and blends available 


Nourish to Flourish

What a better way to add value to your customers' well-being experience than offering a delicious, and nutritious cup of herbal tea. Blended in small batches with responsibly sourced quality herbs, flowers, roots, and spices, Urbal offers signature blends curated to help revive, reset, and relax. Our signature blends help aid with focus, physical recovery, mental and physical revitalization

Along with our herbal blends we have traditional black, green, white, oolong & rooibos teas available.

Small Batches. Signature Blends. Curated Collections.

Ethically sourced and organically grown, our signature and wellness blends are created in small batches with the well-being of our communiTEA in mind. Our blends offer supplemental support to help energize, balance, refresh & relax.  All flavors are naturally derived from quality herbs, flowers, roots and spices when steeped to the perfect temperature. 


curate your customers'
well-being EXPERIENCE

Add a value added holistic element to your customers' experience with our curated supplemental blends guaranteed to help boost any mood -- Energize, Balance, Refresh & Relax.

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Our supplemental herbal tea blends are delicious alternative beverage offerings for your clients with holistic active recovery.  Our curated tea blends are perfect body-friendly supplemental sippers for those with active lifestyles,  focus on clean eating, memory revival.

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