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CURA Mushroom & Herbal Tincture

CURA Mushroom & Herbal Tincture


Try one of our favorite wellness products. It's made in the USA, vegan, gluten-free and organic. The synergistic effects, quality and variety are what put CURA tinctures on our list of things you should try.


Recommended Dose:

2 droppers (2ml) once or twice per day.

How long to see results:

This is slightly different for everybody, depending on whether your body is familiar with adaptogens and medicinal herbs or not. You may see benefits as soon as 1-2 weeks or you may notice a slower improvement over 1-2 months of daily use.

Servings Per Container:

2oz = 30 servings


Immunity focused on improving overall immune system function, combating times of stress, fatigue or when you're feeling under the weather.


Brain focused on enhansing cognitive function. The ingredients were carefully selected to help clear brain fog by improving ones memory and concentration. 


Relax focused on reducing streee and anciety while improving overall mood. This gentle yet potent blend will ease the mind and nourish the nervous system.


Breathe focused on improving respiratory function. The expectorant effect caused these ingredients will also assist in allergy or cold relief.


Energy focused on improving endurance and stamina. The combination of interiends will help relive both mental and physical fatigue.


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