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12 Pack Gift Box

12 Pack Gift Box


Our 12 Pack Gift Box is the perfect holiday surprise for the tea lover - or a tea curious person - in your life! It includes two 12 packs of our delicious herbal tea blends, so you'll be gifting someone 24 perfect cups of tea. You can select which two teas to include, whether it's calming Stress Out or energizing Inner Fire. Plus, we've included an Urbal Mug and a holographic sticker, our personal favorite. All of this comes packaged in a beautiful gift box, ready to be wrapped - or not!

Choice of Tea:

e n e r g i z e

1. Brain Booster   [blueberry, mint, ginkgo]
2. Good Sport   [strawberry, lemon, green mate] caffeinated

3. Inner Fire    [blueberry, cinnamon, oolong] caffeinated 

b a l a n c e

4. Cran Apple   [cranberry, apple, dandelion]

5. Daily Wellness    [lemon verbena, anise, chamomile]

6. Equilibrium   [rooibos, licorice, cardamom]

r e f r e s h
7. Berry Well   [hibiscus, elderberry, currant]
8. Free Flex   [blood orange, turmeric, ginger]

9.  Tutti Fruiti   [strawberry, blackberry, honeybush]

r e l a x

10. After Dinner   [ginger, mint, licorice]
11. Sleep Right   [lavender, chamomile, passion flower]

12. Stress Out   [vanilla, cinnamon, ginger]

s e a s o n a l

13. Apple Hibiscus   [apple, hibiscus, rosehip]
14. Herbal Cold Care   [lemon, ginger, echinacea]
15. Milworks Spice   [apple, clove, cinnamon]


All teas are caffiene free unless noted.

If you'd like us to select the teas, please let a note where you would pick the teas.

Happy Gifting!

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