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Below is a list of our flavorite herbs for healing. Perfect knowledge for finding your signature Well-Being Blend.

Heal with Herbs!!!!

Rosemary - decongestant, promotes circulation, anti-inflammatory properties, restorative aid.

Chamomile - reduces fever and symptoms, helps reduce stress.

Ginger - Soothes sore throats, promotes perspiration, aids in reducing fever, especially when mixed with elderflower, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-viral.

Burdock - soothes sore throat, natural antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, aids in reducing fever.

Echinacea - soothes sore throat, natural antibiotic, often often used as prevention for respiratory infection, boosts immune system.

Thyme - Decongestant, antiseptic, traditionally used as respiratory remedy.

Fennel - warms system, soothes sore throat, used to treat congestion.

Elderflower - decongestant, tones mucous membranes which aids reduce inflammation, aids in reducing fever.

Sage - boosts immune system, relieves sore throats, clears mucous, breaks fevers

Elderberry - source of Vitamin C, rich in antioxidants, often used as ease cold and flu symptoms, boosts immune system, antibacterial properties.

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